Weight loss comes as a great challenge to everyone. We all know that to stay healthy we need to watch our weight but with so many temptations around and with the busy lives we all lead it can be difficult to stick to a strict diet regime. But a new product is currently creating quite a buzz –  HCG Ultra Diet Drops.

But is this really the wonder diet product that we have all be waiting for?

After seeing numerous TV promotions and watching discussions on programmes such as Dr Oz I decided this product needed more research to see  if the claims are true.

What is HCG?

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to give it its full name first came to the attention of a Dr A Simeons back in the 1950s. He had been researching for a number of years as to why some people struggled with their weight compared to others. The reasoning that people were overweight simply because they ate more than other people was not one that he accepted. He considered weight gain to be a metabolic disorder as is diabetes. Over a period of 15 years he looked at various theories as to why people put on weight and gradually started to form an understanding of how the body copes with the various types of fat.

He concluded that there a 3 different types of fat that are stored in the body. These are made up as follows:

1.Structured Fat – This is found between the joints and body’s organs.

2.Normal Fat – Located throughout the body, this is used to meet the body’s daily nutritional needs.

3.Abnormal Fat – These deposits cause obesity, only being drawn upon during starvation and pregnancy.

It was whilst working in India that he noticed that a natural hormone taken from pregnant women and given to underdeveloped males caused a significant amount of weight loss.

He concluded that this hormone called HCG was naturally stimulating the body to not only use its reserves of normal fat, but also to tap into the abnormal fat which the body is usually reluctant to give up. This has the desired effect of not only losing the weight but the added advantage of not feeling hungry.

Who supplies HCG Ultra Diet Drops ?

Over the years numerous companies have taken Dr Simeons research and promoted HCG as an aid to losing weight. Ultra6 Nutrition who supply the HCG Ultra diet drops have taken this a step further and combined the major benefits of HCG with the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and manufacture it in an FDA approved facility.

But how can you be sure this product works

Ultra 6Nutrition claim over 69,000 satisfied customers and there are a lot of endorsements on their website. They supply the diet drops with a full instruction pack which helps you  to go through the plan to get the maximum benefit, by combining the drops with a low calorie diet (1000 t0 1250 calories) they  supply a full menu plan so you know what foods to eat. They are confident that by following the plan you will gain the maximum benefit and to back these claims up they are currently offering a full 30 day money back guarantee if you buy online.

The endorsements on their site are from a variety of people of different ages, sex and  background who have used this product and confirmed that it works. The resulting weight loss can vary from 2lbs to a whopping 177lbs but what seems to be the overriding feedback is that these people keep the weight off. There are many diets that are effective in losing weight for the short term but it can be so disheartening when that weight loss goes back on once you have finished the diet. Using the HCG diet drops, and combining this with the correct foods and plenty of liquids will make sure that the weight stays off.

Are there any side-effects?

Most side effect mentioned in relation to HGC result from when the hormone is given by injection. By taking HCG in a homeopathic form seems to result in very few side effects and most of these seem to emanate from changing your eating habits. Mild headaches and dizziness have been mentioned but these tend to occur only in the first week of the diet. As with any action that you are going to take to improve your health and fitness you should always consult your Doctor first and certainly if once on the diet these symptoms persist.

When starting the diet you are more than likely to feel hungry but after a couple of days that hunger will desist and the diet drops will start to kick in and trigger that release of the stored fat which reduces weight. You will need to follow the calorie controlled diet carefully making sure that you include your daily intake of vegetables. Drinking plenty of fluids and fibre intake are two important factors in ensuring you have the maximum weight loss success.

Where to buy your HCG Diet Drops

There are many companies promoting HCG but by buying the product through the official Ultra6 Nutrition website you can be safe in the knowledge that the product you are purchasing has been manufactured to HPUS guidelines who regulate the production of homeopathic products making it a very effective and safe weight loss product. HCG Ultra is also manufactured in an FDA approved facility, and the best part, the product is made in the United States of Ameri

The best value deal is the 60 day plan at $149.99 that includes 4 bottles of HCG,  2 bottles of b12 vitamins, your complete meal plan and a free Pedometer. This package also comes with free shipping.

I have also managed to track down a voucher code SV15 that gives a $22.50 discount but you need to be quick as I do not know how long this discount will last.

From my research this product seems to be a success but with any diet you need to stick to the plan and combine the drops with the daily menu plan. Where HCG seems to hit the right buttons is that you will start to see results quite quickly but with the advantage of no loss of energy or that sense of being hungry which is associated with so many diets.

So if you feel you can stick to the daily plan, drink your required fluids then you will see results.


To order your HCG Ultra Diet drops today click here to go to the official site and start your weight loss journey today.